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DJF(a) series Swung Drop Hammer Exhaust Fan (Small Shutter)

  Blades Diameter change from 1250mm to 1270mm, Frame dimension
keeps same. Shutters can be made of stainless steel or hot-galvanized steel.
  Extended blades increase air volume by 10% , Innovated small shutters & New type sealing rotational device can improve the efficiency by 30%.
  Shutters are improved to 11 pcs in small size from old 8 pcs big type, which facilitate the shutters’opening and closing.
  New double layers shutter fixed clips get firmer installation and better sealing.
  The friction coefficient between fixed clips and rotational arm is much smaller than the old type whose caused by the rotational arm directly with plate. This new design gets the shutter flexible opening and closing.

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