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DJF(q) series Small Shutter Push-Pull Exhaust Fan ( Double Rotational Hammer)

  Use the shutter opening device with double rotational hammer to guarantee that they can be completely opened or closed, minimize the wind resistance and greatly improve the operating efficiency;the opening device is made of PA66 nylon in high quality in order to guarantee their service life; All the parts of opening device are connected through 304 stainless steel rivets which are wear-resistant, anti-rust, with good flexibility and reduce the friction coefficient.
  Blades are made of high strength anti-rust aluminum alloy plates by punching forming. They are smooth and light with low noise and good appearance. At the same time, it is not easy for dust to accumulate on them; Their diameter is extended from 1250mm to 1270mm which has greatly improved the operating air flow and efficiency; the blades are 2.3mm in thickness;
  Belt pulley is made of die-casting aluminum-magnesium alloy in high strength which is light and corrosion-resistant and reduces the weight of blades; their surfaces are treated by sand blasting to improve their appearances, eliminate internal stress, greatly improve their own rigidity and guarantee they will never break;
  For motors, our customers can choose Chinese famous motors, Siemens motors and ABB motors; Motor voltage,frequency and phase can be customized. Motor protection class is IP55, Insulation class is F.
  Exhaust fan use imported double-row bearings with high strength, low noise, long service life and free maintenance; Model: 30600037.
  Shutter fixed clips are improved into double layers from old single layer, which get a better sealing; The friction coefficient between fixed clips and rotational arm is much smaller than the old type whose caused by the rotational arm directly with plate. This new design gets the shutter a flexible opening and closing.
  Adopt MITSUBOSHI brand belt imported from Japan, whose quality is guaranteed and service life is much longer; Model: A86
  Equipped with a belt adjusting device which is the motor locking bolt. Adjust it clockwise with No.17 wrench to tight the belt.
  Frame is made by excellent hot galvanized sheet(zinc thickness is 275g/㎡). Which has a longer lifespan and strong anti-oxidation. Frame can be made of 304 or 430 stainless steel.

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